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 Advertising on our forums/website

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Sir Gudi

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PostSubject: Advertising on our forums/website   Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:45 am

this is a quick note about advertising on our forums or website.

We are very cheap, very cheap indeed. We charge $60 for one month on our website. We get a lot of traffic from advertisements on http://bux.to and our links from http://forum.tip.it, and two more websites which would not like to be named.

Most advertisers charge $20+ for 1000 clicks. We do not charge per click, giving you no restrictments for that month. Most advertisers charge $20 per 1000 clicks, we are charging $60 a month. We are getting over 800 hits a day (considering we are very newly established website, that is quite impressive). Say you were getting 200 hits from those 800, here is the math for you...

200 x 30 = 6000 hits a month.
6000 hits for $60.
$60 divided by 6000 = $0.01 per click!

And it gets better! You can get even CHEAPER advertisements on our forums! We will create an announcement in our 3 most popular forums, advertising your website!
For $30 a month! That is half the price of advertising on our website! WITH MORE CLICKS PER MONTH! We get double the amount of views on our forums than we do on our website!

All payments should be paid via Paypal. The current open advertisement spaces are:
3 spots on our website ($60 for 1 month on each spot).
1 spot on our forums ($30 for 1 month on our forums).
1 popup spot on our website ($60 for 1 month)

For information on purchasing these spots, please either private message me over these forums, or email us at graphicgoons@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!
~Sir Gudi
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Advertising on our forums/website
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